Once upon a time... 

Even as a young child Nina knew what she wanted to do when she was a grown up, she wanted to be just like her nana, Dot! 
Dot was a local childminder who also cared for Nina and her sisters throughout their childhood, Nina decided that she too wanted to help other families look after their children when she grew up. 
Nina became a childminder in 2001 which subsequently became our Great Moor nursery. The Nina's family has continued to grow and is now part of a group of 8 small nurseries. 
Here at Nina's Nursery we understand the importance of finding the perfect environment and care for your child. As parents ourselves we understand how difficult it can be choosing the right childcare for your child and leaving your child for the first time. There is no greater reward for us than the privilege of knowing that a parent demonstrates that trust when handing over their most precious person and leaving them in our care. 
At Nina's we pride ourselves on our highly qualified and experienced team. Our staff are passionate about the role they play for a short period in a child’s life and believe that a child’s early experiences are their preparation for life. At Nina's Nursery our aim is to provide a safe place where adults and children care for both each other and their environment and take great pride in it. It is a place where children can learn at their own pace following their natural development and be encouraged to become confident, self-disciplined and active learners and explorers. They can be themselves and can learn to really love learning. 

   “When you’re curious you find lots of interesting things to do”    

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